Thursday, January 2, 2014


Holidays on Wednesdays are an abomination.  Just saying.  Yesterday felt about as "holiday"-like as Trash Day (which it normally is, on non-holiday weeks).  We went out to breakfast, went to a movie (at 9:30 am - I'm not a fan of that time for a movie), and puttered a bit.  I got thank-you notes written.  Dinner was good, but certainly not festive.  

Anyway, 154.2 this morning - down from earlier in the week, I'm happy to say, but up from Sunday after we got back from Santa Fe.  I'd lost all the water last weekend, and gained it back this week by going to the gym and doing my "win the hour" stuff at work, I think.  My ankles are still puffy, which I seriously hate.

Really good sleep last night, finally.  Uninterrupted by animals for once, and I woke up at 4:52 for the first time all night, I think, although I semi-recall rolling over a couple of times for mild soreness in a hip or something.  

Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • omelet with ham and cheese-food (I'm betting on individually-wrapped Kraft singles) and tomatoes
  • cheese - 5-7 pieces, throughout the day
  • cashews - total of 2 handfuls
  • Pork rinds from the bag, but not a huge lot
  • Philly cheesesteak stuffed peppers - with provolone, roastbeef, onions, and mushrooms - yum!
  • 1 tsp honey
Was that it?  I think it was.  I wasn't particularly hungry for lunch so I never ate it formally, but I did go back for cheese several times.

Didn't exercise much yesterday; we'll call it recovery. My "Fuel" total for the day was 902, which was the lowest so far at all. No hours won.  I meant to go for a walk, but didn't end up going; the weather was weird.  Gym tonight again; aiming for Mondays and Thursdays each week. And I will be working on fuel points today as well.  Starting now, since I just got a reminder.

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