Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I don't recall if I had my semi-epiphany last week or over the weekend, but I recently came to the conclusion that I needed to change back to an eating-breakfast model, so we have done that. Expect to see scrambled eggs and meat here a lot more often.

I did finally conquer the water weight and whatever it was brought on by my resistant starch divigation, and now need to wipe out at least 4 pounds of actual weight. A couple of things come to mind:
  • the possibility that my really wretched sleep over the last year has been messing with the leptin mechanism - suggested by reading Grain Brain which outright says that sleep is crucial to keeping one's hormonal systems in balance.
  • the fact that I lost a lot of weight eating breakfast consisting of eggs and meat daily unless I was doing a fast on purpose, and that we've slid out of that pattern over the past 6 months to a year.
So I'm working on both. Not entirely sure how I am going to solve the sleep issue, but I had thought last week about ditching the honey, and it's just too helpful in the sleep arena for me to do that. So I've restarted it again. At this moment - no idea for how long - I seem not to be having hot flashes at night, so I'm going to take advantage of that and try to sleep really hard for a while. Last night was awesome in that arena. I'm also using Sleep Cycle on my phone to track my sleep and maybe find some patterns to daytime activities that might be causing sleep issues.

We had a good long weekend - lots of puttering; I got out on Saturday for a long walk, good eating. I found myself in moderate ketosis on Sunday night despite eating a small popcorn at the movies mid-afternoon. Only a trace last night, although I ate nearly zero carb all day. Go figure. 154.4 this morning, which is my baseline for losing some weight between now and Mardi Gras in a month. I feel ketotic, if that's a word - mentally sharp and full of energy to the point of being fidgety. I was able to use that yesterday to fix some places in the kitchen paint job that had been bugging us for months.

Here's yesterday's eating:
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • (no supplements, but that will be resuming, too)
  • cheese
  • 3 milk-chocolate covered almonds
  • steak with herb butter
  • salad with homemade ranch dressing
  • 1 square of 85% cacao chocolate
  • 1 tsp honey
Probably the  pattern we will be following for a while. I have the Fat Fast book's broccoli cheese soup with me for lunch today, and have had eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast. Either fajitas or brats for dinner tonight (whichever we don't eat will be dinner tomorrow).

I did dry some plantain slices on Saturday, along with making chicken stock. Whatever I read about them is correct - dried, they're very reminiscent of saltines. I will be eating them with butter, I think.

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