Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Taking one for the gut

One of the things I read yesterday in the Mr. Heisenbug blog was that honey is a pretty good prebiotic and useful for transporting live culture probiotics (bifida bacteria, for example) through the small into the large intestine.  He specifically mentioned the traditional combination of Greek yogurt and honey as an example of this.  And, since I don't know what's in my gut flora but am always up for improvements, I thought I would try it - if (a big "if) I could find some full-fat Greek yogurt. 

A little research ensued, and I thought I had a source at a nearby health food grocer. I went there at lunchtime today to check it out. In the end, they didn't have the yogurt I was looking for, but they had another one that was full-fat and included "honey powder" as an ingredient. I don't know for sure if that's indicative of honey as a source or not, but decided to try it anyway. 

Damn, that stuff's tasty! What I think I will do in future (after the Whole30 is over, probably), is take plain Greek yogurt and add a teaspoon of honey to it.  Good combo, though.

Unfortunately, today's experiment added 25g carbs, of which 19 were sugars, to my day's eating. I hope it doesn't blast the ketosis into oblivion.

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