Friday, August 29, 2014


So it is starting to look like my vacation cost me a month's worth of careful eating; I last saw these numbers consistently in late July. 152.4 this morning, after a light eating day yesterday.  I am assuming that I'm fighting my hormones here; this was so very easy the last time, and it's not easy at all this time.

Yesterday's eating (cheese for breakfast, mushu chicken and hot and sour soup for dinner, a little cheese after) worked out at:
  • 63.3 g fat - 60%
  • 38.4 g carbs - 16%
  • 57.7 g protein - 24%
We didn't walk; it was cold and nasty last night. All that said, my bedtime ketones were at Moderate. So I'm still doing nutritional ketosis, which is a good thing, and am at least a bit down today, which is also a good thing.

3 pieces of turkey sausage for breakfast; still not terribly hungry. I'm rather hoping that this is a reaction to the weekend, and my body's current setpoint operating on my hunger. 

Sleep was as bad last night as the night before - nearly identical. I woke up at 1:43 and was awake for about 2 hours. What with the mood swing, these new bouts of insomnia, and a few more hot flashes per day, I'm thinking I'm ramping up a new bout of menopause. Oh, joy. At least the summer is almost over.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Let's see.  Yesterday, I was fairly un-hungry all day; I ate breakfast, walked to dinner (and back), had a salad for dinner, some cream in my evening cuppa, and 3 salted dark chocolate almonds. Ended up here:
  • 109 g fat - 72%
  • 19 g carbs - 6%
  • 75 g protein - 22%
Ketones at Trace by bedtime, which I tend to wonder might be a side-effect of the walking (i.e., that I'm using some of them, rather than peeing them away). 

This morning? 152.8. At least I stopped the increase, I guess. Sigh.

Sleep was crap last night - menopause rearing it's head, making it impossible to achieve a normal body temp. Any body part out of the covers - I was too cold. All body parts under the covers - I was too hot. 2 hours of this, starting at 1:45 am. Added to a weird mood swing yesterday - I spent one hour just filled with rage for no reason. And then it went away completely. I would love to say that I overcame it, but it definitely wasn't an act of will on my part. I feel like issuing a blanket apology to my family now, in advance, in case this becomes a thing.

Skipped breakfast in favor of 15 extra minutes in bed this morning, although I did eat a couple of pieces of cheese. Not actually very hungry today, either, but I tend to think that some of the weight I gained over the past year was due to skipping breakfast all the time. If I get hungry (as opposed to bored) at lunchtime, I'll add macadamias, but I'm hoping I won't. And then another walk this evening - trying hard to get into a habit here. Despite the rain, which hit us halfway on the walk back from dinner last night, along with lightning. Yippee.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


This week just isn't going my way - it's going up. 152.8 today - up 0.2 pounds from yesterday, which was, ... well, you get the idea. Possibly to do with eating half of a LC pizza - turns out that the crust is rather high-calorie, and while I don't subscribe to the CICO philosophy of weight gain, consuming 900 calories of pizza crust at the end of a day of eating may not be the best idea ever.

I managed to get 5000 steps in, but it felt very skin-of-teeth to me - I was having to walk aimlessly around the kitchen to get the last few steps in. Kind of stupid, really - the problem is, I have no option in my current life to get movement in naturally - I have to do it on purpose. And that's really the stupid bit.

Mark's Daily Apple yesterday was all about long commutes. I have one of those - 38 miles each way, taking over an hour, morning and evening, 4 days a week. I do manage a telecommute on Fridays. His observations are spot on. Trouble is, I've tried all of the ways to make it better - soothing music, podcasts, audiobooks, courses - and I'd like to say that they help, but they don't. It's just 2-3 hours of completely useless time every stinking day. For a job at which I sit roughly 7.5 of the 8 hours I'm here. I am looking - and one of the key drivers is the commute - but things seem to have slowed down just now. Not good.

Anyway, yesterday's eating fell within the appropriate parameters, if rather caloric. And I was at Trace>Small ketosis at bedtime, so that's an improvement. And sleep was thorough, although it was a constant dream. I feel rested, though, and that's probably the critical thing.

Lee has suggested salad for tonight's dinner. Sometimes that means salad for dinner, and sometimes he gets bored and we eat out. I'm hoping that it's truly salad this time. I really wasn't hungry for breakfast.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I ate nearly nothing yesterday. Breakfast. A big-ass salad. Cheese. 3 salted chocolate almonds. I went for a walk. I got my 5000 steps in. I almost made goal on my FuelBand.

So of course my weight is UP today, of course it is. 152.6. Okay, not that much, but still. It's annoying.

As near as I can tell, my weight fluctuates based mostly on what I did 2 days ago, not yesterday. I guess that bears out Taubes' argument that it's not like a wallet, where if you spend the money, you have less immediately. And I know this; I was expecting not a lot of whiz-bang excitement this morning. But I was hoping for a little decline.

Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Took a long-weekend vacation the past 3 days - we drove up to South Dakota, looked at Mt. Rushmore and various other things in that area, and then drove home. I ate reasonably well, but had wine and dessert and ice cream and sweet potato fries and chips while up there, so I'm up a bit this morning - 152.4. Not surprising, and I think about what I would have predicted. I should be able to get the momentum turned back the other direction this week again; I certainly hope so, anyway.

I tried honey for sleeping while we were gone, and it totally didn't work. I seem to be unable to sleep well right now. Last night, after getting home and back to our comfortable bed and quiet room, I took a tsp of honey and a 10 mg melatonin, and was just wired for about an hour, then woke up multiple times over the course of the night - temperature issues, to be sure, but still... I feel quasi-rested this morning, so maybe it's doing something, but I need to get my circadian rhythms reset, or something. It probably didn't help that I spent last evening watching TV and reading on my iPad, either. I need to get back to print in the evenings, or working on my cross-stitch (that I abandoned about a year ago - I'm trying to get enthusiastic about finishing it, and mostly failing).

Negative ketones last night, too. 

One good thing I noticed over the vacation - my feet stayed unswollen. That's odd for me during any extended car travel. We did get a longish bit of walking in on Saturday - Mt. Rushmore itself, also Wall Drug and the Badlands - so I went above 5000 steps and hit a goal on my FuelBand. But that doesn't normally correlate at all with foot/ankle swelling, that I can tell, anyway.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


After yesterday's eating, I rather thought that I would be down today, maybe even seeing the elusive "4" on a weekday. But no. 150.8 this morning. Still, down over half a pound from this time last week - the weekly track goes steadily down. Guess that means next Thursday will be 150.2. Sigh.

After my fat fast during the day (heavy cream and macadamias the only input), I had a fairly small Cobb salad for dinner, 2 pieces of cheese and some chocolate almonds, and a scant teaspoon of honey. The honey helped with sleep again, and I don't think it's enough (on it's own) to crater my weight loss, so I will carefully continue with it.

The day worked out to:
  • 117.5 g fat - 73%
  • 31.2 g carbs - 9%
  • 67 g protein - 18%
Didn't get a walk in - after dinner, we had rain. Kinda annoying, for sure. Ketones at Trace-Small last night. Sleep was okay once I turned the whole-house fan on at 1:30; I had awakened at 11:30ish with the too-hot-too-cold thing going on, slept fitfully for the next 2 hours, and got up with a leg cramp, so while I was at it, I checked for the fan and it was off. Once it was on, I took maybe 10 minutes to fall back asleep and stayed that way until 5:00.  Dreams, too, although I don't know what they were.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


And back down to 150.6. Damn good thing, too, considering that I had to get up twice for leg cramps last night - a set that would not go away. On the outside of each ankle, simultaneously, wanting to pull the outer edge of each foot up that side of my leg. Nasty. I got up once, walked them off, got back into bed, they returned as I was swinging the legs aboard. Waited a little, then got up and sprayed them with Magnesium oil, which eventually seemed to do the trick - either the oil, or the act of rubbing it in, anyway.

Yesterday was great eating until I decided to eat the chocolate mint Nestle Aero bar after dinner - 35-40 g carbs in that puppy. It was tasty, though. I followed it up with a scant tsp of honey at bedtime, which worked its usual magic - even with the St. Vitus dance I had to do at 2 am, I slept well and feel rested this morning - far better than the night before. It was colder overnight, which certainly didn't hurt, but there's just something about that little dollop of liquid sugar that makes sleep far more worth the time.

We also got a walk in before dinner - but I don't think I made the 5000 step mark. Ah, well. I keep trying, but I have a VERY sedentary job, and haven't been sleeping well. What does one do?

Yesterday's nutrition breakdown went like this:
  • Fat - 126 g - 70%
  • Carbs - 47 g - 11%
  • Protein - 75 g 18%
Sorta-kinda fasting today.  Lee didn't fall asleep until after my legs did their fun stunt, so I told him not to bother with breakfast. I had two heavily-creamed cups of tea this morning and my vitamins, and will see what noon brings - will probably do macadamias and make it a fat-fast day. Probably big-ass salad and a walk this evening. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I had a terrible case of boredom munchies yesterday - ate all of the macadamia nuts I had at work, for starters, and got home, had dinner, and just wanted to keep chewing. Ugh. I managed to keep it sort of under control, but it was hard. The day ended up at:
  • 146 g fat - 74%
  • 23 g carbs - 5%
  • 92 g protein - 21%
Not much different from Sunday, really. And I'm at 151.2 this morning, with slightly puffy ankles. Also a lot of exhaustion; despite a "big" melatonin, I spent the night tossing - too hot, then too cold, rinse, repeat. Nasty. I felt like my head and feet went to sleep, but not the rest of me - it was all tense from my shoulders to knees, and I feel quite beat up this morning. Bedtime ketones were at Small-Moderate - too pale to be properly Moderate, but definitely that hue and not the Small one. 

Today could be a repeat of yesterday, although I hope not. Quiet day, or so it looks. I have requested to walk tonight, so am hoping we'll get one in. And I am considering a teaspoon of honey at bedtime, if the carbs remain low elsewhere, to see if it helps my sleep.

Also, an observation. I made 3 wool pencil skirts in the spring. Wearing one today, and the hips are too big - it looks rather sack-like. I'm a little surprised at that, because I haven't seen that much change in body comp or how other clothes fit. I will be doing some alterations, I believe. Good thing I can sew.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Perhaps despite appearances, progress! I've just registered the lowest M-F weight since the first of the year, at 150.6.  Furthermore, on Saturday morning, I saw the ever-elusive 4 - as in 149.4.  It is within reach. But this has to have been the slowest weightloss on record, seriously. Sheesh!

I did not work out at all this weekend - not even gardening. I puttered around the house, read, sewed, and watched videos on my iPad. Saturday, Lee had to get up at 4:50 am for something, and we still had Jack, who was sleeping on our bed that night, and, well, one thing and another, I was awake from 12:30ish to some time after 4:00, and couldn't get back to sleep after he left the house, either. Which scuttled my plans for the day, including the long walk and the garden cleanup. And even picking basil - I was a droopy mess. Got sleep that night, fortunately, and last night as well, although I feel like I could use some more.

Yesterday's eating worked out surprisingly high fat:
  • 147 g fat - 74%
  • 40 g carbs - 9%
  • 75 g protein - 17%
And yet, I was very nearly Negative with ketones at bedtime - go figure. Some days just make no sense to me.

Ah, well. This is basically working, so I will continue what I'm doing. Although at the rate things are going, losing down to, say 145ish, is going to take until after Christmas. 

Friday, August 15, 2014


I guess yesterday was the blip. However, when I entered it into my spreadsheet and looked at the weekly chart, it is actually the lowest number on there. Perspective - seriously important. I am losing weight, no matter what the day-to-day numbers look like.

Anyway, 150.8 again today, despite an outing for Mexican last night (more cheese enchiladas and chips/salsa). Would it have been lower if I'd had a big-ass salad? I don't know, really.  Anyway, the whole day stacked up pretty normal:
  • 130 g fat (70%)
  • 53.4 g carbs (13%) - a bit high, but still more or less in range
  • 74.4 g protein (18%)
Got a walk in - it rained as I drove home, but by the time we'd finished eating, the sun was out and the skies blue again, so we went. I got well over 5000 steps yesterday with that walk, so back on track there, too. And I'm at 1700 steps so far today, which bids fair to hit the goal again today. Ketosis at bedtime was at Trace, probably not a surprise with the extra carbs for the day. My calves feinted at cramping during the evening, but let me sleep in the end, which was nice of them. Sleep could have been better, but considering I had the sleep-with-Jack-in-the-guestroom night, it also could have been a lot worse.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Maybe it was a blip. Or not. 151.4 this morning, mildly swollen around the ankles, and costive. The ham at dinner was salty enough to prevent cramps, which was a good thing.

Not much to add, really. Eating yesterday was around the planned ratios, but without being good at measuring ounces of food, I don't really know if it was above or below 70% fat - primarily a factor of protein levels, I think, from the ham. I was definitely between Small and Moderate on the ketones at bedtime. We didn't get the walk in - it rained. I managed to pick vegetables before the deluge hit, but that was it for exercise yesterday - and picking beans in a 4x8 raised bed isn't exactly strenuous. Suffice it to say that I didn't even come close to 5000 steps.

Sleep was pretty good - dropped off around 10, I think, woke once at 3:23, and fell right back to sleep. I remember dreaming, but not about what. And all that without a melatonin. I think I'm going to try to go without them for a while - save them for the stretches of hot-flashing that seem still to occur every so often.

I have to work tonight - starting at 8. Some things are just wrong. If the weather permits (and it's looking a bit grim this morning already...) we'll try to get a walk in earlier, and I hope the sleep thing will work out (meaning I hope the work stuff doesn't interfere with it too much!). And we'll see where we are tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Well, well, well. Maybe I was just making a pig of myself the past few weeks. Or maybe my hormones are settling back down. Or maybe none of the above and I'm dehydrated. In any case, I'm at 150.8 this morning - the first time to see something below 151 on a weekday. I've seen 150.0 on weekends, which has been quite frustrating since I don't record weekends. Also because it would be a blip and I'd revert to a number higher than 151 rather than continuing down into the 140s, which is where I want to be. So I'm hopeful that this isn't a blip.

Yesterday's eating is recorded elsewhere, and came to these ratios:
  • 100 g fat (72%)
  • 25 g carbs (8%)
  • 64 g protein (20%)
It involved a big-ass salad for dinner, something we should probably do a lot more of. We also got a walk in, and I kept my steps above 5000 for the day, which is my goal for the week. And bedtime ketones were at Small trending toward Medium - the color was between the two.

Consequently, I had a leap-from-bed quality leg cramp last night in my right leg, and a try-to-work-it-out one in my left leg. Figures. That seems to be the price one pays for weight loss in a low-carb world. 

Eggs and sausage this morning, and ham and a "loaded baked potato" cauliflower dish for dinner. I think the latter is going to be addictive, based on licking the spoon last night. And another walk.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Ate better yesterday, got a walk in, and had energy to weed one of the raised beds. Small ketosis at bedtime, so I hope things are at least back to normal after the weekend. Mild fasciculation in my calves this morning, but, thankfully, no cramps overnight. And I got a decent night's sleep - I may have awakened at some point prior to 5 am, but I sure don't recall it. No real sense of having dreamed, though, so I might need some tweaking there.

Yesterday (logged elsewhere) ended up at:
  • 109 g fat (70%)
  • 32 g carbs (9%)
  • 71 g protein (20%)
So pretty much what I've been aiming at all this time. I still have no idea how one might get to 80+% fat short of eating sticks of butter - and while that thought has crossed my mind (butyrate and K2 in Kerrygold; what could be finer?), I tend to think it's just a bit strange to do it.

Bacon-based normal breakfast today, more macadamias, and walk-and-salad for dinner. For what it's worth, I managed over 5000 steps yesterday. That's my sort-of goal for the week - hitting that daily.

Monday, August 11, 2014


I took the weekend off from logging and obsessing, which I think was a good thing - and wasn't particularly worse for me than the last week or so of obsessing had been. I ate Mexican food (chips, tortillas, etc). Did some gardening. Got in a couple of walks. I'm not doing terribly well on my steps challenge either, but I think the challenge - its existence, anyway - is getting me moving a bit more than in previous weeks. 151.4 this morning - I hovered in the 151-151.6 region all weekend.

Since I didn't log food yesterday, here's what I believe I ate:
  • tea with cream
  • scrambled eggs
  • two sausage patties
  • the usual supplements
  • cheese
  • cashews (my usual portion)
  • a slice of meat loaf
  • salad with blue cheese dressing
  • Southern-style green beans (from the garden)
  • 4 salted dark chocolate almonds from TJs
  • more tea with cream
That was it. After all the carbs I had starting last Thursday lunch, I was at Trace ketosis at bedtime - probably no surprise there. 

I'm back logging in LoseIt again this morning, but breakfast was eggs and sausage again, and I have Macadamias to sustain me during the day, if needed. I'm not entirely sure what triggered this stall, but it appears to have been the week of June 30th that is the inflection point. I know that Jimmy Moore noticed a similar effect from travel and going off his way of eating a bit, so I'm guessing we ate weird that week, or more in restaurants than usual, and I'm having difficulty getting back on the horse. So my plan for this week is to eat more salads for dinner and less "dinner", and see what that does. Also I think we're trying to get back into walking at night - that has slacked off recently with the rains.

Friday, August 8, 2014


At lunchtime yesterday, I was feeling fairly crappy - tired, achy, just "off". I decided I needed a treat, so I went and got a Double Quarter pounder with cheese (no bun) and fries - whichever size they put in the "meal". They tasted pretty good, but obviously I blew through my carbs for the day with that meal. For what it's worth, I ate most of them fairly cold - would that resistant starch? Like I'm into that - not.

Dinner was a Chef's Salad (meat and cheese on it, blue cheese dressing), and I ended up the day at about 64% fat. Small ketosis, interestingly - I wonder if tonight will be Trace or Negative because of that meal?

We got a walk in after dinner - it made me feel substantially better, which, I should note, the McLunch did not. Maybe I should have taken a few turns around the building at lunch instead.

I slept by way of Benadryl. Pretty much stayed asleep, thank goodness. But I'm a bit draggy now as a result.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


I can't call this Hell - nobody is trying to kill or torture me, for starters - but it's definitely Heck. I gained back everything I lost yesterday - 152.2 this morning, stuck like anything. I remember back 4 years ago, that I used to get stalls routinely at xx2.2 pounds, and here we are again. Weird, for sure. Anyway, I'm struggling with the lack of movement, the lack of sleep, the lack of temperature control, the lack of structure in life this week, and a decided lack of upbeatness. 

Eating yesterday was at 74% fat - brats and sauerkraut and cole slaw for dinner, and cashews and cheese as snacks. I'm being rigorous about keeping the cashews to my tiny tupperware cup, but maybe I should stop eating them again. Maybe we should start walking more - although I did all sorts of bizarre unnatural stuff to get my step count close to 5000 yesterday, and was only off by 60 steps, more or less. I truly don't know. Or rather, I probably do, and am nearly powerless in the face of it - hormonal fluctuations, dammit. Nothing too strong in the hot flash arena, so far, but enough to wake me up good and proper in the middle of the night and make me too hot and uncomfortable to get back to sleep for hours. Nothing like being exhausted and effing wide-awake-alert simultaneously. I spent probably half an hour of it debating with myself if I should get up and read for a while - ultimately, I didn't, and I did fall asleep eventually, to the dulcet tones of late November 1941 radio news broadcasts. No idea why WWII puts me to sleep, but it does, and I guess I should be grateful.

I did eat the soup yesterday, but tossed out the last container. I do rather wonder if the salt content is what's adding that 0.8 pounds back. I don't have anything with me for lunch today; I'm even out of macadamias. My eggs-and-turkey-sausage (and the can of RedBull zero) will have to carry me through to dinner, I think.

We are planning a walk tonight, and a chef's salad for dinner. I refuse to give in to this. I may resort to Benadryl tonight for sleep, too. Ugh, but I know sleep is critical.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I don't know if the fat fast worked yesterday or not - by the time I added dinner (burger and zoodles with butter, sour cream, and parmesan cheese) and snacks (cheese and chocolate) to the mix, my fat percentage was down to 75 or 76. That kept me at Moderate ketosis at bedtime, so one would think that my blood ketones are up a bit. And I'm at 151.4 this morning, so down from yesterday.

Again, it seems pointless to log my food twice, so I won't. But I will say that, prior to dinner, I had consumed nothing but fat, pretty much - heavy cream and macadamia nuts. I think the percentage was around 95 at that point. So call it a 20-hour fat fast.

I think I mentioned a walking challenge that would require me to hit 5000 steps per day this week, with the goal of achieving 10,000 per day. Short of taking a walk at night, I have no idea how I would manage to achieve it. My job is sedentary. I spent 5 hours in meetings yesterday, which definitely made walking unlikely, and rendered me a freaking zombie in the bargain - I don't do well in extended stretches of interaction with other humans, I'm afraid. At the end of it, I took a couple of turns around the building, to get my head cleared out as well as to get some steps in.  And I cooked dinner last night and picked a few tomatoes - and the result, with that extra effort (I also did unnatural things to add steps to and from the car), was 3653 steps for the day. 

Not fasting today - I had the usual breakfast. I have broccoli soup for lunch, but am debating whether or not to eat it - I over-salted it or something, and it's rather nasty. So I may dump it - which would make for a bona-fide daytime fast because I ate all my macadamias yesterday. Hmm...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


You can almost hear the hormones at work. 152.2 this morning, and a look at my spreadsheet chart of this bout of weight lost shows the rate slowing and hitting horizontal. And yet, I'm eating pretty much the same mix of macronutrients and at the same caloric intake I was when I started this round, the mix and intake that was working 3 weeks ago. So effing annoying.

Still, it's a stall. I refuse to quit. In fact, I'm fat-fasting today - so far, I've had about 200 calories of cream in tea, and I will eat nothing during the day but macadamias. Not sure what about dinner, but I'll figure that out then. I'm hoping that it will remind my stupid metabolism what it's supposed to be doing.

I've also started a challenge that showed up on my LoseIt app yesterday - 30 days to get to 10,000 steps per day. So I will be trying to walk more around the office (interesting today, given that I'm in meetings straight through from 9-2. I guess I'll go out and clear the cobwebs after 2 by walking around the building or something.

Since I'm inputting everything into LoseIt right now to get my ratios, it seems superfluous to do it here. Suffice it to say that I had the usual breakfast of bacon and eggs, broccoli soup for lunch, and a naked philly cheese steak and salad for dinner, with cheese and chocolate after dinner. I think it had me at 75% fat this time, and my bedtime ketosis was at Moderate, which is unusually high for me. All the more annoying that no weight was lost in this exercise.  Sleep was sub-optimal; I was awake for quite a while starting around 1:50 am. I didn't have a RedBull today, though. I guess I could eat some coconut oil if things get grim.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Over the weekend, I tracked things pretty closely, and hit 69% fat both days. Achieved incremental weight loss - not my normal weekend pattern at all. 151.2 today, which is up from a week ago, not so good. 

I think last Monday, I said I'd go a week and if things didn't seem to be working, look at options. And while they're certainly not resuming the gains I'd been seeing, I'm not really losing weight anymore - I seem to be stalled. I think I know how to break a stall - by eating nearly nothing but fat for a day or two. And I can probably do that. I just need to let Lee know, maybe tomorrow, that I'm going to fast breakfast. And then have a cup of "tea" that is nearly half cream to be going on with.

Yesterday was sort of a normal Friday eating pattern (never mind that it was Sunday) - a Denny's breakfast, a bit of cheese during the day, then dinner. We went to a movie, where I took some of the little all-cheese crisp thingies as my "popcorn" substitute, and they worked well. Saturday, I did a slow 5K fasted, came home and ended up having a Fuzzy's taco salad for lunch, and just cheese and nuts for dinner, because we weren't hungry. I've had a headache for 2 days (starting day 3) after the 5K, which involved being sprayed with violently-colored corn starch (note to self - don't do that one again), and I'm sure that has helped with not really wanting to eat much.

Anyway, the usual breakfast this morning, and I have broccoli soup with me for lunch, which I may thin out a tad. Burgers and zoodles for dinner - at least, that's the plan so far. Maybe a walk tonight, if I'm feeling less blah. (Which is the headache, I think.)

Friday, August 1, 2014


151.6 this morning - some of the Chinese food salt disappearing, I guess. We had Pot Roast for dinner, but it was overly salty and lacking in other flavor, so I didn't eat much of it; had cheese and chocolate and nuts instead. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • scrambled eggs
  • 2 links of turkey sausage
  • 6 ish macadamia nuts
  • pot roast with a few fingerling potatoes
  • 2 pieces each of cheddar and Dubliner cheese
  • 2 salted chocolate almonds
  • 2 squares of Lindt 85%
I think that was it. I didn't put it in LoseIt - I'm feeling a bit uninspired that way this week, for some reason. My FuelBand has lasted all week on a single charge because I haven't felt like syncing it up. 

I'm at work today, which is unusual - but instead of getting a lot of stuff done at home (for work and also laundry), I have to sit through 2 vendor meetings. I can't even muster up the energy to be annoyed at the prospect. 

That said, sleep was better, and I was in Small ketosis last night at bedtime. So something, anyway.

I wonder if this bad case of acedia is a result of not having my normal puttering weekend last week. I've just felt off. This weekend may not be any better, though - doing a stupid 5K tomorrow (this particular one is stupid, because it's untimed and involves being covered with paint powder; most 5Ks are good), and obviously, since I can't launder stuff today, that has to wait for the weekend as well. We shall see - I'll certainly try to get a reset out of it.