Thursday, August 21, 2014


After yesterday's eating, I rather thought that I would be down today, maybe even seeing the elusive "4" on a weekday. But no. 150.8 this morning. Still, down over half a pound from this time last week - the weekly track goes steadily down. Guess that means next Thursday will be 150.2. Sigh.

After my fat fast during the day (heavy cream and macadamias the only input), I had a fairly small Cobb salad for dinner, 2 pieces of cheese and some chocolate almonds, and a scant teaspoon of honey. The honey helped with sleep again, and I don't think it's enough (on it's own) to crater my weight loss, so I will carefully continue with it.

The day worked out to:
  • 117.5 g fat - 73%
  • 31.2 g carbs - 9%
  • 67 g protein - 18%
Didn't get a walk in - after dinner, we had rain. Kinda annoying, for sure. Ketones at Trace-Small last night. Sleep was okay once I turned the whole-house fan on at 1:30; I had awakened at 11:30ish with the too-hot-too-cold thing going on, slept fitfully for the next 2 hours, and got up with a leg cramp, so while I was at it, I checked for the fan and it was off. Once it was on, I took maybe 10 minutes to fall back asleep and stayed that way until 5:00.  Dreams, too, although I don't know what they were.

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