Friday, August 29, 2014


So it is starting to look like my vacation cost me a month's worth of careful eating; I last saw these numbers consistently in late July. 152.4 this morning, after a light eating day yesterday.  I am assuming that I'm fighting my hormones here; this was so very easy the last time, and it's not easy at all this time.

Yesterday's eating (cheese for breakfast, mushu chicken and hot and sour soup for dinner, a little cheese after) worked out at:
  • 63.3 g fat - 60%
  • 38.4 g carbs - 16%
  • 57.7 g protein - 24%
We didn't walk; it was cold and nasty last night. All that said, my bedtime ketones were at Moderate. So I'm still doing nutritional ketosis, which is a good thing, and am at least a bit down today, which is also a good thing.

3 pieces of turkey sausage for breakfast; still not terribly hungry. I'm rather hoping that this is a reaction to the weekend, and my body's current setpoint operating on my hunger. 

Sleep was as bad last night as the night before - nearly identical. I woke up at 1:43 and was awake for about 2 hours. What with the mood swing, these new bouts of insomnia, and a few more hot flashes per day, I'm thinking I'm ramping up a new bout of menopause. Oh, joy. At least the summer is almost over.

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