Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I had a terrible case of boredom munchies yesterday - ate all of the macadamia nuts I had at work, for starters, and got home, had dinner, and just wanted to keep chewing. Ugh. I managed to keep it sort of under control, but it was hard. The day ended up at:
  • 146 g fat - 74%
  • 23 g carbs - 5%
  • 92 g protein - 21%
Not much different from Sunday, really. And I'm at 151.2 this morning, with slightly puffy ankles. Also a lot of exhaustion; despite a "big" melatonin, I spent the night tossing - too hot, then too cold, rinse, repeat. Nasty. I felt like my head and feet went to sleep, but not the rest of me - it was all tense from my shoulders to knees, and I feel quite beat up this morning. Bedtime ketones were at Small-Moderate - too pale to be properly Moderate, but definitely that hue and not the Small one. 

Today could be a repeat of yesterday, although I hope not. Quiet day, or so it looks. I have requested to walk tonight, so am hoping we'll get one in. And I am considering a teaspoon of honey at bedtime, if the carbs remain low elsewhere, to see if it helps my sleep.

Also, an observation. I made 3 wool pencil skirts in the spring. Wearing one today, and the hips are too big - it looks rather sack-like. I'm a little surprised at that, because I haven't seen that much change in body comp or how other clothes fit. I will be doing some alterations, I believe. Good thing I can sew.

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