Monday, August 11, 2014


I took the weekend off from logging and obsessing, which I think was a good thing - and wasn't particularly worse for me than the last week or so of obsessing had been. I ate Mexican food (chips, tortillas, etc). Did some gardening. Got in a couple of walks. I'm not doing terribly well on my steps challenge either, but I think the challenge - its existence, anyway - is getting me moving a bit more than in previous weeks. 151.4 this morning - I hovered in the 151-151.6 region all weekend.

Since I didn't log food yesterday, here's what I believe I ate:
  • tea with cream
  • scrambled eggs
  • two sausage patties
  • the usual supplements
  • cheese
  • cashews (my usual portion)
  • a slice of meat loaf
  • salad with blue cheese dressing
  • Southern-style green beans (from the garden)
  • 4 salted dark chocolate almonds from TJs
  • more tea with cream
That was it. After all the carbs I had starting last Thursday lunch, I was at Trace ketosis at bedtime - probably no surprise there. 

I'm back logging in LoseIt again this morning, but breakfast was eggs and sausage again, and I have Macadamias to sustain me during the day, if needed. I'm not entirely sure what triggered this stall, but it appears to have been the week of June 30th that is the inflection point. I know that Jimmy Moore noticed a similar effect from travel and going off his way of eating a bit, so I'm guessing we ate weird that week, or more in restaurants than usual, and I'm having difficulty getting back on the horse. So my plan for this week is to eat more salads for dinner and less "dinner", and see what that does. Also I think we're trying to get back into walking at night - that has slacked off recently with the rains.

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