Thursday, August 14, 2014


Maybe it was a blip. Or not. 151.4 this morning, mildly swollen around the ankles, and costive. The ham at dinner was salty enough to prevent cramps, which was a good thing.

Not much to add, really. Eating yesterday was around the planned ratios, but without being good at measuring ounces of food, I don't really know if it was above or below 70% fat - primarily a factor of protein levels, I think, from the ham. I was definitely between Small and Moderate on the ketones at bedtime. We didn't get the walk in - it rained. I managed to pick vegetables before the deluge hit, but that was it for exercise yesterday - and picking beans in a 4x8 raised bed isn't exactly strenuous. Suffice it to say that I didn't even come close to 5000 steps.

Sleep was pretty good - dropped off around 10, I think, woke once at 3:23, and fell right back to sleep. I remember dreaming, but not about what. And all that without a melatonin. I think I'm going to try to go without them for a while - save them for the stretches of hot-flashing that seem still to occur every so often.

I have to work tonight - starting at 8. Some things are just wrong. If the weather permits (and it's looking a bit grim this morning already...) we'll try to get a walk in earlier, and I hope the sleep thing will work out (meaning I hope the work stuff doesn't interfere with it too much!). And we'll see where we are tomorrow.

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