Thursday, August 28, 2014


Let's see.  Yesterday, I was fairly un-hungry all day; I ate breakfast, walked to dinner (and back), had a salad for dinner, some cream in my evening cuppa, and 3 salted dark chocolate almonds. Ended up here:
  • 109 g fat - 72%
  • 19 g carbs - 6%
  • 75 g protein - 22%
Ketones at Trace by bedtime, which I tend to wonder might be a side-effect of the walking (i.e., that I'm using some of them, rather than peeing them away). 

This morning? 152.8. At least I stopped the increase, I guess. Sigh.

Sleep was crap last night - menopause rearing it's head, making it impossible to achieve a normal body temp. Any body part out of the covers - I was too cold. All body parts under the covers - I was too hot. 2 hours of this, starting at 1:45 am. Added to a weird mood swing yesterday - I spent one hour just filled with rage for no reason. And then it went away completely. I would love to say that I overcame it, but it definitely wasn't an act of will on my part. I feel like issuing a blanket apology to my family now, in advance, in case this becomes a thing.

Skipped breakfast in favor of 15 extra minutes in bed this morning, although I did eat a couple of pieces of cheese. Not actually very hungry today, either, but I tend to think that some of the weight I gained over the past year was due to skipping breakfast all the time. If I get hungry (as opposed to bored) at lunchtime, I'll add macadamias, but I'm hoping I won't. And then another walk this evening - trying hard to get into a habit here. Despite the rain, which hit us halfway on the walk back from dinner last night, along with lightning. Yippee.

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