Friday, August 8, 2014


At lunchtime yesterday, I was feeling fairly crappy - tired, achy, just "off". I decided I needed a treat, so I went and got a Double Quarter pounder with cheese (no bun) and fries - whichever size they put in the "meal". They tasted pretty good, but obviously I blew through my carbs for the day with that meal. For what it's worth, I ate most of them fairly cold - would that resistant starch? Like I'm into that - not.

Dinner was a Chef's Salad (meat and cheese on it, blue cheese dressing), and I ended up the day at about 64% fat. Small ketosis, interestingly - I wonder if tonight will be Trace or Negative because of that meal?

We got a walk in after dinner - it made me feel substantially better, which, I should note, the McLunch did not. Maybe I should have taken a few turns around the building at lunch instead.

I slept by way of Benadryl. Pretty much stayed asleep, thank goodness. But I'm a bit draggy now as a result.

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