Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Ate better yesterday, got a walk in, and had energy to weed one of the raised beds. Small ketosis at bedtime, so I hope things are at least back to normal after the weekend. Mild fasciculation in my calves this morning, but, thankfully, no cramps overnight. And I got a decent night's sleep - I may have awakened at some point prior to 5 am, but I sure don't recall it. No real sense of having dreamed, though, so I might need some tweaking there.

Yesterday (logged elsewhere) ended up at:
  • 109 g fat (70%)
  • 32 g carbs (9%)
  • 71 g protein (20%)
So pretty much what I've been aiming at all this time. I still have no idea how one might get to 80+% fat short of eating sticks of butter - and while that thought has crossed my mind (butyrate and K2 in Kerrygold; what could be finer?), I tend to think it's just a bit strange to do it.

Bacon-based normal breakfast today, more macadamias, and walk-and-salad for dinner. For what it's worth, I managed over 5000 steps yesterday. That's my sort-of goal for the week - hitting that daily.

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