Wednesday, August 20, 2014


And back down to 150.6. Damn good thing, too, considering that I had to get up twice for leg cramps last night - a set that would not go away. On the outside of each ankle, simultaneously, wanting to pull the outer edge of each foot up that side of my leg. Nasty. I got up once, walked them off, got back into bed, they returned as I was swinging the legs aboard. Waited a little, then got up and sprayed them with Magnesium oil, which eventually seemed to do the trick - either the oil, or the act of rubbing it in, anyway.

Yesterday was great eating until I decided to eat the chocolate mint Nestle Aero bar after dinner - 35-40 g carbs in that puppy. It was tasty, though. I followed it up with a scant tsp of honey at bedtime, which worked its usual magic - even with the St. Vitus dance I had to do at 2 am, I slept well and feel rested this morning - far better than the night before. It was colder overnight, which certainly didn't hurt, but there's just something about that little dollop of liquid sugar that makes sleep far more worth the time.

We also got a walk in before dinner - but I don't think I made the 5000 step mark. Ah, well. I keep trying, but I have a VERY sedentary job, and haven't been sleeping well. What does one do?

Yesterday's nutrition breakdown went like this:
  • Fat - 126 g - 70%
  • Carbs - 47 g - 11%
  • Protein - 75 g 18%
Sorta-kinda fasting today.  Lee didn't fall asleep until after my legs did their fun stunt, so I told him not to bother with breakfast. I had two heavily-creamed cups of tea this morning and my vitamins, and will see what noon brings - will probably do macadamias and make it a fat-fast day. Probably big-ass salad and a walk this evening. 

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