Monday, August 18, 2014


Perhaps despite appearances, progress! I've just registered the lowest M-F weight since the first of the year, at 150.6.  Furthermore, on Saturday morning, I saw the ever-elusive 4 - as in 149.4.  It is within reach. But this has to have been the slowest weightloss on record, seriously. Sheesh!

I did not work out at all this weekend - not even gardening. I puttered around the house, read, sewed, and watched videos on my iPad. Saturday, Lee had to get up at 4:50 am for something, and we still had Jack, who was sleeping on our bed that night, and, well, one thing and another, I was awake from 12:30ish to some time after 4:00, and couldn't get back to sleep after he left the house, either. Which scuttled my plans for the day, including the long walk and the garden cleanup. And even picking basil - I was a droopy mess. Got sleep that night, fortunately, and last night as well, although I feel like I could use some more.

Yesterday's eating worked out surprisingly high fat:
  • 147 g fat - 74%
  • 40 g carbs - 9%
  • 75 g protein - 17%
And yet, I was very nearly Negative with ketones at bedtime - go figure. Some days just make no sense to me.

Ah, well. This is basically working, so I will continue what I'm doing. Although at the rate things are going, losing down to, say 145ish, is going to take until after Christmas. 

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