Wednesday, August 27, 2014


This week just isn't going my way - it's going up. 152.8 today - up 0.2 pounds from yesterday, which was, ... well, you get the idea. Possibly to do with eating half of a LC pizza - turns out that the crust is rather high-calorie, and while I don't subscribe to the CICO philosophy of weight gain, consuming 900 calories of pizza crust at the end of a day of eating may not be the best idea ever.

I managed to get 5000 steps in, but it felt very skin-of-teeth to me - I was having to walk aimlessly around the kitchen to get the last few steps in. Kind of stupid, really - the problem is, I have no option in my current life to get movement in naturally - I have to do it on purpose. And that's really the stupid bit.

Mark's Daily Apple yesterday was all about long commutes. I have one of those - 38 miles each way, taking over an hour, morning and evening, 4 days a week. I do manage a telecommute on Fridays. His observations are spot on. Trouble is, I've tried all of the ways to make it better - soothing music, podcasts, audiobooks, courses - and I'd like to say that they help, but they don't. It's just 2-3 hours of completely useless time every stinking day. For a job at which I sit roughly 7.5 of the 8 hours I'm here. I am looking - and one of the key drivers is the commute - but things seem to have slowed down just now. Not good.

Anyway, yesterday's eating fell within the appropriate parameters, if rather caloric. And I was at Trace>Small ketosis at bedtime, so that's an improvement. And sleep was thorough, although it was a constant dream. I feel rested, though, and that's probably the critical thing.

Lee has suggested salad for tonight's dinner. Sometimes that means salad for dinner, and sometimes he gets bored and we eat out. I'm hoping that it's truly salad this time. I really wasn't hungry for breakfast.

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