Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I don't know if the fat fast worked yesterday or not - by the time I added dinner (burger and zoodles with butter, sour cream, and parmesan cheese) and snacks (cheese and chocolate) to the mix, my fat percentage was down to 75 or 76. That kept me at Moderate ketosis at bedtime, so one would think that my blood ketones are up a bit. And I'm at 151.4 this morning, so down from yesterday.

Again, it seems pointless to log my food twice, so I won't. But I will say that, prior to dinner, I had consumed nothing but fat, pretty much - heavy cream and macadamia nuts. I think the percentage was around 95 at that point. So call it a 20-hour fat fast.

I think I mentioned a walking challenge that would require me to hit 5000 steps per day this week, with the goal of achieving 10,000 per day. Short of taking a walk at night, I have no idea how I would manage to achieve it. My job is sedentary. I spent 5 hours in meetings yesterday, which definitely made walking unlikely, and rendered me a freaking zombie in the bargain - I don't do well in extended stretches of interaction with other humans, I'm afraid. At the end of it, I took a couple of turns around the building, to get my head cleared out as well as to get some steps in.  And I cooked dinner last night and picked a few tomatoes - and the result, with that extra effort (I also did unnatural things to add steps to and from the car), was 3653 steps for the day. 

Not fasting today - I had the usual breakfast. I have broccoli soup for lunch, but am debating whether or not to eat it - I over-salted it or something, and it's rather nasty. So I may dump it - which would make for a bona-fide daytime fast because I ate all my macadamias yesterday. Hmm...

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