Monday, August 25, 2014


Took a long-weekend vacation the past 3 days - we drove up to South Dakota, looked at Mt. Rushmore and various other things in that area, and then drove home. I ate reasonably well, but had wine and dessert and ice cream and sweet potato fries and chips while up there, so I'm up a bit this morning - 152.4. Not surprising, and I think about what I would have predicted. I should be able to get the momentum turned back the other direction this week again; I certainly hope so, anyway.

I tried honey for sleeping while we were gone, and it totally didn't work. I seem to be unable to sleep well right now. Last night, after getting home and back to our comfortable bed and quiet room, I took a tsp of honey and a 10 mg melatonin, and was just wired for about an hour, then woke up multiple times over the course of the night - temperature issues, to be sure, but still... I feel quasi-rested this morning, so maybe it's doing something, but I need to get my circadian rhythms reset, or something. It probably didn't help that I spent last evening watching TV and reading on my iPad, either. I need to get back to print in the evenings, or working on my cross-stitch (that I abandoned about a year ago - I'm trying to get enthusiastic about finishing it, and mostly failing).

Negative ketones last night, too. 

One good thing I noticed over the vacation - my feet stayed unswollen. That's odd for me during any extended car travel. We did get a longish bit of walking in on Saturday - Mt. Rushmore itself, also Wall Drug and the Badlands - so I went above 5000 steps and hit a goal on my FuelBand. But that doesn't normally correlate at all with foot/ankle swelling, that I can tell, anyway.

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