Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Well, well, well. Maybe I was just making a pig of myself the past few weeks. Or maybe my hormones are settling back down. Or maybe none of the above and I'm dehydrated. In any case, I'm at 150.8 this morning - the first time to see something below 151 on a weekday. I've seen 150.0 on weekends, which has been quite frustrating since I don't record weekends. Also because it would be a blip and I'd revert to a number higher than 151 rather than continuing down into the 140s, which is where I want to be. So I'm hopeful that this isn't a blip.

Yesterday's eating is recorded elsewhere, and came to these ratios:
  • 100 g fat (72%)
  • 25 g carbs (8%)
  • 64 g protein (20%)
It involved a big-ass salad for dinner, something we should probably do a lot more of. We also got a walk in, and I kept my steps above 5000 for the day, which is my goal for the week. And bedtime ketones were at Small trending toward Medium - the color was between the two.

Consequently, I had a leap-from-bed quality leg cramp last night in my right leg, and a try-to-work-it-out one in my left leg. Figures. That seems to be the price one pays for weight loss in a low-carb world. 

Eggs and sausage this morning, and ham and a "loaded baked potato" cauliflower dish for dinner. I think the latter is going to be addictive, based on licking the spoon last night. And another walk.

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