Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Oh, yippee - one of those confusing weeks. I nearly wrote "Monday" in the subject line because it's the first workday of the week. With luck, that means I'll be delightfully surprised on Friday when I realize that it isn't Thursday after all. Probably not, though. Never works that way.

Ah, well. After a weekend (the original 2-day version) that wasn't one of my most stellar eating successes and included hardly any walking, I managed to get rid of the vacation weight. I don't really know why, but after a large cup (really a pint) of tea, I weighed 150.8 yesterday. Glad to see the extra wasn't so hard to get rid of, and I really wish the scale's new batteries had warmed up fast enough that I could have tried without the tea.  On the other hand, since I was at 151.0 this morning, after a third day of eating somewhat crappy, maybe it's just as well.

I didn't log my eating yesterday. I think I did okay until around 2, with nothing much to eat but tea/cream and a couple of pieces of cheese. It was at 2 that I recalled the box of stale Junior mints from a movie trip quite a while back - and ate them. I don't know how many there were; it wasn't the entire box, and maybe not an entire portion, but they did some rather interesting things. Blew my blood sugar high enough to prompt a pretty energetic surge of insulin, which then had me a bit shaky on returning from a quick walk. Eating as I do, it's been a long time since I had low blood sugar. Nasty! I ate dinner (steak and really good green beans with ham and tomatoes), then some cheese, and then I felt snacky - a strong urge to sit around and mindlessly pop small crunchy things into my mouth and chew them. So I ate cashews from the package until they made me feel sick.

Perhaps I should feel very grateful that I only hit 151.0 this morning.

Sleep was okay Friday night, utter crap Saturday night, and fine the last two nights. As a result of Saturday night, I spent Sunday doing a lot of intense sitting around, and even fell asleep reading my iPad that evening. Yesterday, I spent an hour sitting out on the chaise on the patio to get some very nice sun - no burn, just warm and delightful. Whether that helped with sleep or not, I don't know, but I woke at 3:20 and was able to get right back to sleep, as I also did at 4:15 (written out like this, it doesn't seem "fine" at all, but it was - and I feel rested this morning). I have stopped taking melatonin for a while, because it didn't seem to be helping, especially with the 1:45 am wakeup. In fact, it seemed to be causing the 1:45 am wakeup.

Didn't feel like getting up at all this morning, mostly because I really didn't want to go back to work, so we stayed in bed an extra 15 minutes and I had 2 pieces of cheese. I will see how things go, but hope to avoid eating again until dinner. Which is planned to be a walk and salad. We plan that a lot, and don't always achieve it. But maybe today.

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