Thursday, September 4, 2014


Suffice it to say that I slept extremely poorly last night and woke up weighing 153 pounds. I do not know why (cough-hormones-cough). I am running on pure RedBull today.

Had a lingering stomach-ache from dinnertime until this morning; now I have a mild headache. We ate gyro meat last night; I know it is basically re-grilled meatloaf now and has a panade that is almost certainly wheat-based, but I don't normally react like this to it.  The day broke down like this:
  • 115 g fat - 76%
  • 28 g carbs - 8%
  • 53 g protein - 16%
We walked to and from dinner, and I got my 5000+ steps in, at least - almost hit my FuelBand goal, but not quite. Bedtime ketones were at Trace.

I know my motivation has flagged a bit since we got back from vacation. I need to get it back. Not sure how, though.

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