Wednesday, September 24, 2014


155.4. It just keeps getting worse. I had to drive home, talking to myself over a low background of classical music, and was discombobulated and surly once I got home. The past month or so has been pretty bad, what with multiple projects at work, getting Biz off on her move, and now, getting the car back to her. Will it calm down soon? Not the work stuff, that I can see. Certainly not the commute - it gets worse by the hour, or so it seems.

At this point, with everything that's going on, I am going to plan on getting back on the keto horse on Monday. We won't be stopping for meals on the road, I think, or only briefly, and while I won't just eat the SAD, obviously, nor will I be in a position to eat clean. I'll try not to lose the adaptation I have, such as it is, but beyond that, no unnatural efforts.

Sleep last night was good, surprisingly. I roused briefly at 4:20, and woke for good because the alarm went off. Been quite a while since it actually woke me up.

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