Wednesday, October 16, 2013


151.8 today; I pretty much know where that pound went, but it's inappropriate to discuss details. Sleep last night was not good; from about 2-4 I was awake or nearly so, throwing covers around and grabbing them back.  Ugh.

Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • 1-1/2 egg custards with bacon and cheddar cheese
  • the usual supplements
  • 3 pieces of cheese throughout the day (but no coconut)
  • two Fuzzy's tacos with ground beef
  • more cheese - I think 2 pieces
  • cashews - probably about 2 handfuls
That was it; I was quite hungry after dinner, hence the cheese and cashews.  Stayed away from sweets, though, so that's good.

On Seth Roberts' blog yesterday, he had a link to an article about John Sarno's approach to back pain - that much of it is psychosomatic.  I did a bit of digging to get the gist of his argument and what to do about it, and tried it on my hips last night, since they've been acting like a bad case of sciatica for about 2 months, and massage did nothing to help.  I think they've been some sort of signal that I'm angry or frustrated about something - and I think that something is work.  More on that later, but turning my attention to that possibility at 2 this morning made the hip pain pretty much vanish.  Interesting.  So now I have this shoulder pain...

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