Monday, October 14, 2013


Where to start?  Well, 151.0 for my weight.  I was able to keep away from the sugar pretty well all weekend, with a few notable exceptions, like ice cream on Friday night.  Still, I feel like I might have a handle on things now.  

Next, Elizabeth is suffering from more metabolic syndrome symptoms, and after a conversation yesterday, seems committed to eating clean.  It may be that in helping her, I help myself and Lee more. As a family, we are all trying to eat at home more anyway, so the combination can only be good.

I'm working on dialing in the sleep right now, and - crossing my fingers - it seems to be improving a bit.  Over the weekend, I started shutting the blinds over our bed, to reduce the light from a streetlight, and Lee and I started using magnesium oil just at bedtime.  Either one or both of those helped - or sheer exhaustion from being sick did the trick.  We slept nearly 10 hours Saturday night, and a solid 8 last night.  I vaguely recall being partly awake at one point, but really wasn't even a little alert until about 4:30, which is huge for me.  

Hot and cold flashes continue unabated - more some days, fewer others.  No obvious trend.

Here's yesterday as I recall it:
  • tea with cream
  • omelet with ham and bell peppers and onions
  • bacon
  • a couple of fried potatoes - not more than 5 pieces, I think
  • cheese, I think
  • pizza tops - pepperoni, green pepper, and mushroom
  • a row of dark chocolate with almonds (Hershey bar)
There may have been more, possibly some cashews, but I don't remember it at all well.

Anyway, new week, new start (yet again).

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