Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Okay, seriously?  155.2?  What the, ... well, you know how that ends.  My ankles are a bit swollen, but am I carrying as much as 4-5 pounds of water right now?  Seems unlikely.  And yes, I know muscle weighs more and all that, but I don't think 3 gym sessions and a 5K are likely to have packed on 5 pounds of muscle.  Of course, I haven't done a lean body mass measurement in a while; maybe I should.

Still, here's yesterday.  Maybe if I see it all:
  • egg custards - 1-1/2 of them with bacon and cheddar
  • coconut flakes - probably 4 Tbsp
  • a vending-sized bag of beef jerky
  • keto crust pizza with pepperoni (crust from cheese, egg, and almond flour)
  • an Almond Joy and M&Ms bag - both fun-sized
  • random leftover tortilla chips
That was it.  The carbs at the end aren't much help, but other than that, a pretty good eating day.  And my sleep has continued to improve - I woke up at 11:30 but was able to go right back to sleep and didn't budge again until well after 4, which is awesome for me.  Hot flashes have been on a downward trend over the past couple of days - subsiding?  I'm not going to predict, but it's been nice so far.

Gym tonight again.  I think I will stick with the weights I did last time - lower back and abs, lat pull down and chest press, and leg press and ab/adductors. And walk a bit.

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