Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random observations about the whole standing desk thing

One: It's getting easier and easier to go for long periods without needing to sit down.  I'm glad this is the case, because at first, my legs were getting tired pretty quickly.  Last week when I was fighting the cold, I had to sit more, but now that it's gone, I'm feeling pretty much like standing is the default.

Two: I don't seem to have swollen ankles as much as I did when I sat all the time. Honestly, this makes no sense to me (water being subject to gravity and all), but that's what I'm observing.  I'm all good with that, too, since I very much hate swollen ankles.

Three: I'm getting bored more easily.  It used to be that I could slouch at my desk doing not much (because a day is a bit slow, for example) for quite a long time.  I can't do that when I'm standing there.  I've heard folks say they feel more productive at a standing desk, so I'm guessing this is that.

Just wanted to put those out there.

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