Friday, October 25, 2013


152.4 this morning; baffling.  Well, not really; I'm a giant bag-o-water this morning. We went to the gym again last night, and I opted to lift heavy things.  Paid for it, too; I woke up near midnight and struggled mightily to get back to sleep, until I got up and took 3 ibuprofen.  That helped, eventually, but it was rugged. And, of course, I have to work late tonight (late meaning "near midnight", I'd imagine), and we are doing a 5K tomorrow morning. Eventually, I believe that this will help my strength and endurance, and that's all good, but it sure doesn't seem like it just now.

Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • olives (maybe 5)
  • pepperoncini (from the olive jar)
  • a few coconut flakes - far less than the 1/3 cup serving
  • salami - about 4 thin slices
  • chipotle cheese steak, no bun
  • cottage cheese
  • a pickle
  • a dark chocolate truffle
That was it.  I was at bona-fide "small" on the ketone test stick last night, and I have the lovely surge of energy from being in ketosis.  That's probably what's keeping me upright this morning, truly.

Other updates: I took melatonin well before bedtime last night - apparently that's not what was helping keep me from waking at midnight.  I did the cold shot at the end of the shower as well, and didn't have daytime hot flashes that I can recall; I did have some at bedtime and during the midnight to 3:30 am stretch.  They seem somewhat less intense than a few weeks ago; I really hope that things are starting to subside.

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