Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I think it's constipation. Whatever the reason, after a day of eating at my effective ratios, where ketosis was at Small and pushing hard on Moderate last night, I'm at 153.4 this morning. Annoying, but, I think, temporary.

Yesterday was an eggs/bacon/macadamia nuts morning with stuffed peppers for dinner, and a bit of cheese and cashews to round things out. I don't feel like making a list. My stomach feels a bit stuffed up, if that's possible.

All that said, I did some measurements last night for a dress purchase, and found that my waist and hips have both gone down at least an inch recently. My lean mass is up a bit. I credit our walk-to-the-gym trips. And I am feeling stronger - not a huge amount, but a little. I'm wearing pants that were getting somewhat annoyingly short (due to being pushed up by larger hips) over the winter - they are the correct length again. So good things are happening, no matter what the scale is saying.

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