Friday, July 18, 2014


I fasted, sort of, yesterday morning - tea with cream only, and some macadamias in case I got hungry later. Which I did - but up to dinner, that's all I had eaten. Got home, had a piece of cheese and went for a walk, followed by a big-ass salad with meat, cheese, and blue cheese dressing. Also raspberries and cream and some cashews. It ended up being 75% fat, 9% carbs, and 67% protein. I was in Small ketosis tending toward moderate at bedtime. Still constipated, though, so 152.6 isn't all that surprising. 

Today is a typical Friday, so far - scrambled eggs and mega-bacon, with tea and cream. I will probably snack a lot. Walks are planned for the weekend, as is a gym trip, probably on Sunday, which will no doubt add inflammatory weight to the first part of next week. That said, I am stronger and feel a lot better these days than I did during the early part of this year, so the gym trips are definitely a good thing.

Ran across a website yesterday that suggested that I'm underweight for my height (5'11") and frame size (small). It seemed to think I should be between 161 and 170-something. Thank you, no. I wouldn't fit into any of my clothes in that range, unless I really started doing a lot of muscle-building. And while I'm doing some, obviously, or I wouldn't be stronger, I don't think I'll end up in the <20% bodyfat range at over 160 pounds any time soon.

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