Thursday, July 3, 2014


I'm going to count this week a bust for weight-loss purposes. Family in town, lots of eating out, holidays, and what-not. Getting NO exercise, and that's annoying me, which I guess is a good thing.

I put new batteries in the scale this morning and hope it will stop being stupid.  Before the replacement, it told me my weight was: 1) 153.6, 2) 152.4, 3) 153.4. After the replacement, it settled on 153.4 and stayed put, so I'm guessing that's the verdict this morning. I would prefer it were less, but we ate at a fried-chicken restaurant last night, and it's not surprising. Although I did not have chicken; I had turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce. And cottage cheese and bean salad and a corn fritter. I behaved as well as could be expected given the menu - well, almost. They actually had a "no carb" option with meat and a salad that I could have chosen, but I only get their bean salad once or twice a year, and it is delicious, although mildly poisonous (IMO, anyway).

Oh, and there was an employee lunch thing at work, so I had a burger patty with cheese and sauerkraut as well.

So I won't list the day - it could have been better and wasn't. Today is better so far - a normal breakfast and an extra cup of tea with a lot of cream in it on the way to work. Macadamias mid-day, I think - IF I'm hungry, that is. I may not be. And low-carb pizza split among 6 people tonight (I hope to keep it to 2 pizzas, since one of the 6 is a 3-year old). 

No ketosis last night, and no surprise. I slept well, but had another leg cramp overnight - I should probably do a cup of bouillon today, as well.

5K tomorrow morning - I may do it without eating first. Because I can - and sometimes, that's just a good reason to do things.

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