Thursday, July 17, 2014


Still - going with a new term here - costive. And feeling it, so I took an extra Magnesium today. I hope it helps; I'm a bit uncomfortable. 152.8 today. Kept my ratios yesterday again, saw Small ketosis at bedtime (and the night before was actually Moderate). Sleep okay, hot flashes a bit increased in frequency and annoyance - they're getting itchy. Still, no way as disruptive as they had been in the past, so I'll survive.

I put my weight into my spreadsheet today and noticed that, while I was up this week from Sunday (and Monday), the spike for the week was still lower than any previous spike, so the trends are all in my favor. And it's a pattern, for sure.

I skipped breakfast this morning because of the intestinal issues. I have macadamias with me should I manage a hunger at all today. We are hoping for a walk and salad dinner, but the weather has not been cooperating - it's been a rainy summer. Supposedly drying up today - we shall see.

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