Monday, July 7, 2014


Last week was a lost week, for sure. 154.6 this morning. And back to it.

I do think some of it is inflammation - I'm still a bit stiff from Friday's race - and some is intestinal distress of a sort. But I definitely had no weight lost last week. Ugh.

I don't think I can list out yesterday's eating; it was a weird day and I just don't recall all of it. Probably wasn't enough fat, for sure. Today, I've had my eggs-and-bacon, and I have fat-fast broccoli soup with me for lunch. Dinner is at some (ugh!!!) retirement planning thing that Lee felt compelled to attend, and will probably involve pasta, which I won't eat.

Anyway, life should be settling back down now. My plan for the week is to get back walking in the evenings, with at least one long walk this weekend, even if it's by myself.

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