Wednesday, March 28, 2012


And now, introducing the UTTERLY ANTI-PALEO DIET!!!

Two days in a row is not a coincidence (well, probably it actually is).  I'm down to 145.7 this morning, after another evening of gorging on malted milk eggs.  Although, once I took a hard look at what I ate yesterday, it did occur to me that I'd built up a pretty tidy calorie deficit - while not being hungry.  Here's the breakdown:
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • one piece of cheese mid-day
  • probably 10 Godiva pearls
  • a snack-sized bag of beef jerky
  • two pieces of cheese once I got home
  • the final 20-25 malted milk eggs (they gave me a stomach-ache, too)
  • a lot of plain hot tea
And that was it.  If it weren't for the candy, I'd almost call it a fast.

Sleep is much improved; I opened the window over my side of the bed last night, and didn't get quite so hot.  That seemed to help a lot.  I still had vivid dreams, but less of a sense of the night going on forever without providing rest, which is what I was feeling all weekend and until yesterday.

To close the loop, no, I am not going to switch my eating over to an all-junk-food approach - nasty!  And I have no idea why I'm seeing the scale go down after a couple of days of old-style sugar binges.  I'm in hopes that it might continue now that the sugar bombs are gone and I return to eating real food.

We are expecting a shipment of non-ground grassfed beef today - I was expecting it yesterday, but it didn't show up.  I hope it shows today, since I don't think it will stay frozen much longer than that, and I don't want to try to eat 25 pounds of beef for dinner.

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