Thursday, March 29, 2012


Maybe it's that it's Spring.  I lost another bit overnight, despite another rather bad eating evening.  145.5 this morning.

Of course, maybe it's the springs in the scale.

Well, whatever it is, my sense is that I've lost somewhere between 2-5 pounds of the weight I put on over the extended holidays, and that 145ish is my actual current weight.  And now that it's Spring and I can get outside more, I hope to work on strength gains and things of that sort, which may increase my weight, but in a good way.  But then, I say that a lot, and not much ever happens about it.  So no breath-holding.

As I said, a bad eating evening last night.  No dinner, since Lee was out late for work, so I snacked.  Lots of food in small pieces.  Here's the list:
  • strawberries and cream
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • cheese (2 pieces at work)
  • 5-10 Godiva pearls (fortunately, they're awkward to get out of their container, or I'd probably eat more of them)
  • more cheese (a total of 4 pieces over the evening)
  • a bag of Lays (the size larger than in a vending machine, smaller than "family size" - not big)
  • walnuts until I was sated
Out of curiosity, I looked up 6 ounces of Cheese in my handy nutrition calculator.  668 calories, 6g carbs, the rest a fairly even (gram) split between fat and protein.  Not as bad as I'd thought.  So maybe yesterday was a mild ketotic calorie deficit after all.  Because I tested for ketones this morning, and am still seeing a very light trace.

I mean to go further into ketosis, hoping that the weird carb bender is over for a while.  Which means I need to get back to the bouillon, and I will have some this morning.  I've started Lee on the mag citrate at breakfast, as he's been cramping up like crazy of late.  Could be stress on top of whatever he's been eating.  I don't know - haven't been paying much attention to his diet this week at all.  Anyway, if I start sensing any personal fasciculation, I will move my mag citrate dose to after dinner, chased with another cup of bouillon, to see if that heads the leg cramps off at the pass.

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