Thursday, March 22, 2012


Last night was better, although only a little.  I slept until about 2:30, I think, then woke from a dream in which I was in a good mood, to find that my right shin was cramping up.  Apparently, it caused me to thrash around a good bit, which woke Lee up; he went to the bathroom, and I used the time to try to kick the cramp out using my left heel.  Didn't work, but I did find a position that allowed me to control it without using my calf muscles, and managed to get back to sleep - although in the process, the arch of my left foot started to join in. 

I never had to get out of bed for any of it, and that's why it was better.  And there was only the one episode, which was actually a big improvement.  Unfortunately, I don't feel as rested today as I did yesterday.  And yesterday was a very long day.  With luck, today will be better - I have more meetings, for one thing, which I don't have to run.

Yesterday's eating went like this:
  • strawberries with cream
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • bouillon
  • cheese (2 pieces)
  • fajitas without tortillas (beef, peppers, onions, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes)
  • two chocolate cherries
I think that was it.  I remain in very light ketosis these days, but in it.  145.9 this morning, which I think I can explain.  The bouillon is specifically to add salt to my diet, to help keep the electrolytes in balance; I can only assume that yesterday's issues had more to do with dropping water weight past some threshold and unbalancing things in the process, and last night, while I was improving, I had not achieved the balance necessary.  But with salt comes a bit of water weight.  In addition, Lee and I went to the gym last night, and with signup for the Bolder Boulder happening on Saturday morning, I felt compelled to start some rather more earnest training.  So I walked to a random selection from The Beach Boys - and they are generally pretty quick-paced stuff.  I'm a little stiff this morning as a result - in a good way.  The racewalking form may have contributed to the shin cramps, too.

A couple of odds and ends.  I haven't stopped eating walnuts, but I didn't have any last night because I simply forgot about them.  I will be eating them regularly for about a week, to see if they have any effect, and then I may stop again, to see if the effect also stops.  I'm also still taking L-Lysine with breakfast, and I do believe it is clearing up the mess in my sinuses - either that, or they just got better all by themselves, which is certainly possible.  I'll be keeping that up through the end of the week, and will then stop with it.

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