Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Wow.  Nothing.  My mind is a complete blank this morning.  I was - still! - 147.9 this morning, displaying light ketosis at bedtime last night, and my ankles are feeling better.  I was able to fast yesterday until around 3:30, when I ate 2 pieces of cheese because I was starting to feel slow and stupid.  It helped.  Here's the day's eating (I was about to launch into a lyrical description of dinner, but that's really all my eating, so let's have a list):
  • tea with cream
  • Monday supplements
  • two pieces of cheese
  • ribeye steak - probably about 1/2 pound
  • salad with ham in it
  • homemade ranch dressing
  • two handfuls of walnuts
  • 4 chocolate cherries
  • one other piece of cheese somewhere along there.
It breaks down to 144.3g fat (82%), 28.4g carbs (7%), and 43.5g protein (11%).  And over 1600 calories, for what that's worth.  Seems strange to think it was that much, more or less all at one meal.  If true, that would explain why no loss, I think.

I ate the walnuts consciously, to attempt to correct the lingering constipation issue.  Nothing else seems to be working, and I figured that maybe the nuts had been helping in the past; I'd stopped eating them completely about coincident with the issue surfacing.  I will reduce the quantity tonight, but will keep them up for a week or so to see if that helps.

Biz and I will be signing up for the Bolder Boulder this weekend (the race itself is on Memorial Day), so I really need to get cracking with some sort of exercise.  But not tonight - got a haircut appointment tonight.  Maybe afterward, I'll try 3 more very slow pushups - see if I can do the fourth this time without collapsing.  And if that works, I'll move to whatever the next exercise might be.

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