Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Wow, really?  This week is going fast.  Today, however, may slow things down a good bit.  I am exhausted.  Sleep last night was fitful, punctuated by the worst set of leg cramps - set? no, suite! - I've had in probably a year or more.  My calves cramped.  My shins cramped.  Both at the same time.  My ankles cramped.  The arches of my feet cramped.  I'd drift off to sleep, be in the middle of a dream one moment, and on the floor, covers flung back, trying to get my heel on the ground the next.  I would feel them coming on, and any attempt to prevent one would set off the opposing muscle.  Just awful.

And I have no idea why it happened.  At bedtime, if I was in ketosis, it was nearly undetectable.  I'd not eaten particularly well all day for maintaining ketosis, or for weight loss, I think.  I'd not walked long distances in new shoes.  It really made no sense.  But for once, unlike a few past, far milder, episodes, the cramps did augur a drop in weight: 145.7 this morning.

Here's the food log for yesterday:
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements 
  • cheese (2 pieces, one rather larger than usual)
  • 4 Godiva chocolate pearls
  • chips and salsa, but not very many
  • carne asada with avocado and pico de gallo
  • iced tea
  • a slightly smaller quantity of walnuts than yesterday
  • 4 chocolate cherries
  • a bowl of fresh strawberries
No exercise yesterday; got home from the haircut and basically just sat around.  At that point, I did notice a bit of mild fasciculation in at least one leg, but nothing that out of the ordinary.  I tend to think it's associated with a drop in water content - and I'm guessing that the weight missing this morning spent the weekend haunting my feet and ankles.  I will make sure to get my bouillon today - maybe even have a couple of cups of it - and will be interested to see if that helps at all.  I hope so - that was very much not enjoyable.

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