Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Wait.  What?  Seriously?
After work yesterday (I guess the more accurate description would be "between work", since I worked until 5 pm, went home, and then had an 8 pm call for work), I got home, had Chinese for dinner (and ate the damn fried noodles; the smell is addictive, for Pete's sake!), settled into the den to avoid watching "Alcatraz", and ate my way through, oh, probably 20 malted milk eggs.  Massive infusion of nutrition-free sugar bombs.  Very bad for me.  Weight-inducing, right?

Wrong.  I'm down to 146.8 this morning.  Or maybe 146.2 - I'm a bit fuzzy on the detail this morning, unfortunately.  In any event, significantly less than yesterday.  Does that make any sense?  Not to me.  But there it is.

I am not advocating the use of Easter candy as a weight loss tool, that's certain.  But it was odd.  Here's the whole day:
  • scary-yellow scrambled eggs from pastured chickens
  • bacon
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements (I've stopped the L-Lysine to see if my sinuses stay calm)
  • cheese - 2 oz
  • Godiva pearls - more than 10, I'd say
  • hot and sour soup
  • half an order of Mongolian beef (no rice)
  • about 8 of those fried noodles
  • a fortune cookie
  • the aforementioned binge on malted milk eggs
Fortunately, I'm nearly out of the wretched things, and I have no intention of buying any more.  A once a year indulgence, and for whatever reason, I've not been punished for them - yet, anyway.

I meant to mention earlier that the walnuts had been entirely effective in banishing my constipation issues.  I will now go without them for a week, again, to make sure it wasn't something else - but I think it wasn't.

On other fronts, since I've blasted my ketosis out of the water (so much so that I haven't even tried testing it for the past few days), my electrolyte balance seems to have settled back down.  I suspect that I need to try taking the magnesium after dinner, along with some salt/bouillon, maybe, once I get over whatever is driving me to eat so very badly right now.

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