Thursday, March 8, 2012


I worked very hard yesterday to put myself in ketosis.  Nasty coconut smoothie for breakfast, nothing but cheese all day, a dinner composed of ground beef, green beans, salad, and blue cheese dressing (geez, guess I don't need to do the list - but I will; I like the detail).  And, at bedtime, I'd achieved a slight level of ketones.  Glad to see them.  Saw a lesser level of them this morning, which seemed odd, on the heels of the overnight fast (and I had nothing after dinner except tea with cream). 

And then I stepped on the scale.

148.5 - what?  I gained 0.2 pounds yesterday?  How?  I was hungry when I woke up this morning, so it seems extremely unlikely that I overate.  Lee, who was less strict, and who ate a corn muffin that I saw, gained about half a pound.  Very annoying.

Here's the breakdown for yesterday:
  • fat-bomb smoothie (coconut milk, protein powder, strawberries, vanilla)
  • the usual supplements
  • tea with cream
  • a cup of bouillon for the sodium (thanks to the waroninsulin blog)
  • cheese (5 pieces - three to supplement breakfast, two later on)
  • small salad (lettuce and tomatoes) with blue cheese dressing
  • half-pound "chopped steak"
  • green beans
  • iced tea
  • more tea with cream
That's all of it.  Ended up being 154.3g fat (68%), 33.9g carbs (7%), and 128.6g protein (25%). 

We are a little baffled right now.  Especially since, in addition to achieving ketosis, I think I'm more or less over the constipation, and one would have thought I'd shed a pound or so in that process yesterday.  I tend to blame stress, since we are both dealing with new jobs, and I know I've been moving in a fog a lot as a result.  Mine could also be the annoying side-effect of menopause, frankly.  Or perimenopause-ha-ha-ha-we're-not-done-with-you-yet water weight.  Or a lack of sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I finally got a good night's sleep last night, mostly.  Except that one of the dogs began being sick at 2 am, launching Lee out of bed to hustle her outside.  That wasn't terribly helpful, but I don't feel hammered this morning, for which I'm grateful.

I think the gym is beckoning tonight.  Need to get some miles in or the Bolder Boulder is going to bite me badly.

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