Monday, March 19, 2012


Quite the weekend, I must say.  Friday evening, I had five hours to kill between the end of the workday and my flight to Phoenix; I had dinner at Ted's, consisting of a naked bison burger with blue cheese, a wedge salad with bacon and tomato and blue cheese dressing, their half-sour pickles (which may or may not be naturally fermented), and all the french fries.  Come to think of it, since I was fasting, that is my day's eating on Friday right there.  It used up about an hour, which wasn't nearly enough.  At the airport, I happened to glance down at my feet and was annoyed to find that my ankles were bloody balloons - truly disgusting to look at.  Sitting in jeans all day will do that - and it did.

Saturday, we did our Trader Joe's shopping (for the next year, if we're in a TJ's town, we go and stock up; after that, we'll have our own), and went to the ballgame after wandering around old town Scottsdale and a lunch (for me, another wedge salad; I wasn't hungry) at a BBQ place.  The wandering was nice - the Scottsdale farmer's market was open, and we took that in as well.  They had two grassfed beef stalls and one for heritage pork - if we had lived there, I would have been an instant customer of all three.  We got a little bit of sun at the ballgame - the weather was a bit overcast, but in the 80s and perfect for sitting around outside in shorts.

And then there was Sunday.  I ended up driving back with Lee and Elizabeth, rather than taking my flights - and I may have made it home a little bit earlier as a result - the weather in Arizona and New Mexico was ghastly and I had a connection in Albuquerque.  We spent all day laughing as I got text message updates on flight times, the last of which had my final flight leaving close to 9:00 pm (I was originally scheduled to arrive home by 4:15 pm).  However, we also had to fight blizzards (in Arizona) and dust storms (in New Mexico) and high winds (throughout) all day, and when we got home at 10:30, we were all exhausted.  The eating was sketchy, to say the least.  I did sleep like a cold dead rock, once I took 3 Advil for the nasty headache I had.

I got up this morning at 147.9, which, considering, is not all that bad.  I'm good with it.  Here's yesterday's eating:
  • tea with cream
  • a small bag of M&Ms
  • 5-10 handfuls of cashews
  • a KFC "grilled" chicken breast (not sure what they "grilled it on", since the skin had achieved a degree of crispiness that looked fried to me)
  • naked quarter pounder with cheese
  • small fries
  • a medium "shamrock shake" from McDonald's - nominally mint-flavored; it tasted to me to be industrial cleaner flavored - and I drank all of it.  Blecch.

So, given that I had fries twice this weekend, and had a Mexican dinner on Saturday that probably had flour in it, from my reaction after, and am still suffering from swelling in my ankles, things could be much worse.

I'm probably fasting today.  I opted to trade breakfast for 15 minutes extra laying around this morning, so I'm running on tea with cream and supplements so far - and quite happy about it.  I do have a couple of pieces of cheese available, should I need them - but right now, I'm thinking that I won't.

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