Friday, October 30, 2015


Fog this morning and approaching rain. I ran around the house early, shutting windows, but the humidity indoors had reached 78%. It's not uncomfortable, though, and the AC will eventually get rid of it.

No outdoor time this morning - had laundry to start and some bone broth to strain. I've been making it in the oven - brown the bones, add water, bake at 230ish for a really long time - but our oven doesn't seem to like that last bit (the really long time). I came out this morning to find that it, and only it, had had a power failure about 2 hours before I got up. Fortunately, the broth was still at 180, well over the danger point, and I pulled it out and put it on the stove while getting things ready to strain and cool it. It's in the fridge now.

Mostly the dogs get it - poured on their food to juice things up a bit. But when I have a recipe that needs chicken broth or stock, I use it. They are responsible for the bones, since we've found it's far cheaper to pull apart a roast chicken from Costco or Sam's than it is to give them decent quality canned food, and possibly better for them. And we get free bone broth - I did 4 carcasses' worth yesterday and still have another 2-4 in the freezer.

So, 157.6 this morning again. I'm a bit surprised, actually, given my eating yesterday. Which looked like this:

  • tea with cream
  • bacon
  • cheddar cheese
  • a few almonds - not many
  • ham and swiss cheese
  • ice cream - a vanilla Haagen-Dasz single serve
  • potato chips - a handful
  • 3 or 4 milk chocolates with almonds
  • about a handful of peanuts - to clean the bowl out

Boredom/stress eating. I spent a lot of yesterday working on not killing the dogs, who were all mildly psycho. In and out of the house all day. Barking like mad at nothing. Needing attention. I don't know if the approaching weather was causing it, or the fact that Lee's been gone most of the past week.

New job's all set - and I'm feeling extreme love for it at the moment, since my first day consists of being taken to lunch, and nothing more. I have a full day Tuesday, but Monday, it's just lunch. How cool is that?

Busy weekend ahead - errands, a haircut, Halloween, possibly some furniture-building. Housecleaning since I won't be in the house during weekdays after this. Prep cooking so we will have dinner available next week. Shipping out my soon-to-be former employer's equipment. And it may be in the rain, all of it.

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