Monday, October 5, 2015


Three days in New Orleans, and I managed to eat well, mostly. A little junk in the form of potato chips and M&Ms and a York peppermint patty on the drive home, but otherwise, low carb meats and veg. I even ate anchovies on Friday night - in a salad full of olives - exceedingly healthy dinner. 157.0 this morning. 

My headcold is close to being done - maybe another day or two. I did better living through chemicals all weekend, and it kept me functional. And given that Friday involved some shopping, Saturday was a party for which preps started on rising and which ran until bedtime, and Sunday was an outdoor tailgating event followed by a 5-hour drive home, I needed to be pretty functional. And my observation from Friday held true all weekend - I had a lot more energy than I had back in February. All of which says I need to stay on plan with eating. 

Yesterday involved breakfast, some meat and cheese, a hard cider, peanut M&Ms, the aforementioned York patty, a RedBull, and a package of peanuts. More cheese when we got home. A little higher carb than I would like, I'm sure, but I wasn't super hungry when we got home, so we never did have dinner. Salad is the plan for tonight. It appears that Lee's getting my cold, which isn't so great, so it may be a while before we get back out walking. If I start feeling in the high 90-percent region (I'm about 80 now), I may do a walk alone a few mornings this week. The weather is supposed to be pretty good from now until May, I guess. Works for me.

Sleep over the weekend was very solid for 2 nights. We occupied a room that gets pitch black at night, pretty much, and I went under easily and stayed there for pushing 9 hours both nights. Aided by night-time cold meds, granted, but when I woke up, I didn't have that drugged feeling, so I don't know that they were all that strong. The third night was less wonderful - got to bed later and was awakened earlier and had a hard time falling asleep. And I ended up napping in the car on the way home, a little. Hence the RedBull - so I could drive.

Hoping that this week wraps up the stupid cold, and that Lee doesn't get completely smacked by it.

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