Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Yesterday was peculiarly stressful. Quite literally nothing to do at work, and a conversation about another job with a long commute that, for no particular reason, had me down a bit all evening. I need a job, but I would like a job that has the potential for me to enjoy it. And so far, I think I've discussed only one that really fits that bill. No point sweating it now, since I have no offers to contemplate. But I was. And it triggered horrid cravings, for sugar.

So I ate. Bad things. Potato chips. Extra chocolate. Wine. Okay, wine isn't really that bad, and the potato chips amounted to less than a small lunchbox bag - fragments at the bottom of a big bag. And I had 2 chocolates instead of 1. All those excuses aside, I still weighed 157.6 this morning.

I'm paying for something, though. I ache all over. Seed oils in the chips, maybe? That's a lot of reaction for not a lot of input, if so. But something to watch, nonetheless.

Here's yesterday:
  • tea with extra cream (3 times usual)
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • a few almonds
  • cashews - 1/2 cup plus at least 1 handful
  • cheese, I think
  • potato chips
  • 2 milk chocolates with almonds
  • fajita steak and guacamole
  • a glass of sangria
Looking at that list, I see no vegetables or fruit. I think that's probably wrong - not that I missed something in recording it, but that I missed something in eating. Shrimp cooked with butter and lemons and garlic tonight, and a salad.

And no chips. Because I ate the last of them. Sigh.

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