Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Weird pattern this go-round. 157.2 this morning, so up a pound and a half from yesterday. Seems like I see a bit of loss, then gain something substantial overnight, then lose it in increments to a slightly lower point. Lather rinse repeat.

Whatever. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • a few almonds
  • possibly 2 pieces of cheese
  • double cheese Whataburger, no bun
  • half pound of pulled pork
  • cole slaw
  • a sample of "green chile stew"
  • one milk chocolate with almonds
I haven't had leg cramps for a couple of days, so it occurs to me that the apple and sweet potato over Sunday may have popped me out of ketosis. I've increased my cream consumption today (2 cups with it this morning), and will see if that reduces my appetite for the day. The burger at lunch yesterday was because Lee was out and brought it back - don't know that I was particularly hungry at the time. And it took me 2 hours to eat it, because of conference calls. So rather nasty there toward the end.

I think, with his diverticulitis (we did get confirmation that he'd had diverticuli (not sure why, but the medical literature thinks the plural ends in a - is this a Greek word?) back when he had his colonoscopy. I was wondering if something in eating Paleo might have caused them, but apparently not. We are probably going to have some discussions about whether or not he should be eating whole grains in the aftermath of this mess. I'm relatively convinced that the cause of the flareup is that he went on a fried-oyster-and-gumbo bender after moving here, and either the oil or the flour or both did the damage. He's been eating cake, for heaven's sake. Problem is, some of the more "conventional wisdom" diet recommendations suggest high-fiber from grains as a good thing to ward off future attacks. I'm okay with high-fiber from vegetables and fruits; probably something we should both eat more of. He's meeting with the gastro doc Monday; guess we'll figure out how to proceed once that's done.

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