Thursday, October 29, 2015


The weather here has been magnificent the past couple of days - clear, sunny, not terribly hot. I left the windows open all night and will continue today, to air the house out thoroughly. It is supposed to rain a lot starting some time tomorrow; if it gets as humid beforehand as it did last week, I'll have to shut things up for a while, just to keep it reasonably dry in here.

Spent a brief time outdoors this morning, taking the trash out, tidying a bit, putting Halloween decorations out. A little natural light at the beginning of the day. Quite nice, and I probably should have been doing it all along.

157.6 again this morning. Here's yesterday:

  • tea with cream
  • cheese
  • a small handful of cashews
  • leftover spaghetti squash with butter and Mizithra cheese
  • tortilla chips and salsa - about 20 chips
  • leftover burger
  • salad with faux Olive Garden dressing
  • dark chocolate with hazelnuts (2 pips from a Ritter bar)
  • 1 milk chocolate with almonds
  • a small container of potato chips

Truly an odd mix of stuff, but it was what I wanted at the time. I have one more burger left over and will probably have it tonight, with another salad, since I need to be eating the lettuce before it gets old. And I need to think of something for dinner tomorrow, so we won't be tempted to eat out. Not feeling inspired, I must say.

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