Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Not under control yet. 158.8 this morning. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • scrambled eggs
  • sausage patties
  • almonds - through the day, probably about 15
  • a handful of cashews
  • 5 pieces of cheese (mid-day and dinnertime)
  • bell pepper stuffed with grassfed beef and Mexican-style stewed tomatoes and cheese
  • an apple
  • a very small handful of peanuts
  • 2 milk chocolates with almonds
That was it. A modest breakfast, cheese and nuts for "lunch", a modest dinner, with fruit and chocolate for dessert. Seems like that should keep me in stasis. It's not, though - at least, I think it's not.

Hoping for salad for dinner tonight. I'm thinking I need to go on a salad bender for a while. Seems like that's what I was doing a couple of weeks ago when I had spontaneous weight loss. We went out, I had a salad. Many nights at home, salad. I like salad, and I busted up a head of iceberg yesterday morning to facilitate them. That, and maybe I should start having raw veg and dip as snacks. I'm at home, for crying out loud. I have refrigerators. I could do that. Worth pursuing.

Sleep last night was great until 3:30 am. Damn. Wasn't that my issue last fall? About 6-6.5 hours, I think. Not enough. Though I may have managed to fall asleep again around 4:30 for nearly an hour, so I guess it was 7+ hours. Which is better.

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