Monday, October 26, 2015


Quiet weekend. Had to be, actually; we had something over 6" of rain throughout the 48 hours. The dogs and I stayed home, and I puttered a bit. Moved books around, cooked a little, sewed a little. Stuff of that sort. Read a lot - real books on paper and everything. Took it easy on the electronics - didn't skip them entirely, but laid off as much as possible. Well, not the TV. It was on more than usual for me when I'm by myself.

I think I ate well. Sort of. A lot of cheese-nuts-chocolate going on. Skipped breakfast on Sunday. Had a salad-with-meat for Saturday dinner, and chili last night. All good stuff.

I went from 157 on Friday, to 158.6 on Saturday. No idea why. Back to 157.4 yesterday, and 157.0 today. I've been doubling up on magnesium at night, and the cramps aren't back. For which I am truly grateful. Sleep Friday night was okay, Saturday wasn't great on account of a lot of flash-flood warnings over my phone (which buzzed it even after I turned the sound off). Last night, I slept like a rock. Woke up for the first real time at 5:58 am.

Seems like hot flashes are on the uptick these days. I'm starting to think they will never stop; that this is the new normal and that everyone else is suffering through them but figures they're not worth even talking about after a while. Ugh, if true. But not much real that I can do about them.

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