Thursday, October 8, 2015

some random observations

After making the statement earlier that I thought I hadn't been at this weight all year, I went and looked - and I had, in very early January for a while. Anyway, I read through about 3 months' worth of entries, just to see how things had been then, and to see if I really do feel better than I did, or if I'm just imagining it.

I'm not imagining it. In January-March of this year, at least, I was feeling pretty wretched - not sleeping regularly, having to rely on Benadryl every third night for much of it, aching all over, and being exhausted and cranky. And craving carbs in an insidious way. 

Compare that to now - getting pretty decent sleep on a regular basis (not perfect, but a ton better than at the beginning of the year, for sure), feeling pretty energetic not suffering from pervasive achiness, although my hips aren't great and I have some body mechanics stuff going on, and generally interested in life. Huge improvement.

I sure hope it's not the commute being gone. Because I'm 90% sure it won't be getting better once I get a job locally, and it may get worse. Other job stress is less because it's coming to an end, but has been supplanted by some level of worry about financials if I don't find something pretty quickly. Which is getting better, because Lee's getting paid a bit for his school stuff and decided to take his Social Security, so we should be able to live modestly in the interim if I can't start working November 2nd. 

So generally, stress is a bit lower. And for whatever reason, I'm currently able to stick with a better way of eating. So that's good. It may be helping with inflammation, too, and reducing the aches and pains.

Things could change drastically once I'm employed going forward. So I'm going to take full advantage of how they are now.

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