Wednesday, September 9, 2015


160.0 this morning. Better than yesterday. Not good enough. I have 2-ish days to myself the rest of this week, and by gum, I'm going to take advantage of them to try to get back on track.

Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • cheese - total of 4 pieces
  • cashews - about 1/2 cup
  • about 20 chocolate-mint gummy-filled things (at 2g carbs per piece)
  • bbq turkey
  • cole slaw
  • 2 potato chips
Was that it? Maybe. I tried really hard not to eat after dinner last night, and I think I succeeded. We had more errands to run (note to self - NEVER move again!!!), and after we got home, I did more painting on cabinet doors - the last of that lot. They aren't quite done; the inside surface is only primed right now - but they can be hung at this point, and I can move on to the kitchen (tonight's project). So I probably didn't eat anything else. I hope not.

Now, if I'd managed not to eat the chocolates, yesterday would have been a pretty good day. Today we have had breakfast, so it's not a fast day, and Lee's here until mid-afternoon, so I may have lunch. If I do, there won't be dinner. And if there is dinner, I think it will be salad.

Sleep was pretty good last night. Dog-ridden, but pretty good. I woke once around 3:30, but went back to sleep almost immediately. Woke again around 5:30 for good - and that's basically 8 hours. 

Didn't manage the additional water. Getting up as soon as I finish typing in order to do so today. I did drink a lot of tea, though. And it sort of did the needful.

I think I will be doing a fat fast while Lee's gone. I think that might be the most effective thing I could do right now - jump-start ketosis and push into a state where I can do actual fasting again. My trial yesterday ended quickly because I got hungry. I should re-read the fat-fast recipes and see what I can use around the house. And at the same time, get my head around more meal plans for eating at home.

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