Friday, September 11, 2015


Yesterday wasn't a fast day. Far from it. I'm definitely not in a mental state conducive to self-discipline right now; I think that back when I first started eating this way, I was better able to exercise self-discipline and avoid satisfying the cravings. Failed at that yesterday, in a number of ways.

In addition, this way of eating isn't a new shiny toy anymore, and the new information available is very low-volume, so I can't be obsessed with it as I was then. For me, that's important. 

Not sure what I'm saying here. I'm quite sure I'm not saying that I'm abandoning real food made of identifiable ingredients in order to start touring the donut shops of Houston (and there are a LOT of those around here). Maybe I'm saying that I'm lowering my expectations for a while. Focusing on the health benefits, and working really hard to avoid the sugar and the junk, but knowing that I won't always succeed.

Anyway, 160.0 again this morning. I would like it to be less than that, and I will continue to try to get it down. Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • cashews
  • cheese
  • 4 pips of a Ritter Sport milk chocolate bar with coconut filling
  • peanuts (eaten straight out of the big can)
  • shrimp bisque with green chiles and creme fraiche
  • a glass of fairly dry Alsatian riesling
  • pork "ribeye" with acorn squash puree and cranberry sauce
  • parts of 3 small souffles
  • some chocolate mousse as an amuse-bouche
It seemed worse at the time. As it turned out, Lee got back earlier than expected from his trip, so we had a birthday dinner after all - quite a dinner, at that. We have a boffo-supreme French restaurant in close proximity to our house, and that's where we went. And then came home and went straight to sleep, more or less (we had a few interruptions of the canine sort).

Weekend tomorrow, after a nasty deployment night. More painting for me; I want to get the kitchen done, at least. Weather is supposed to be ucky, so I don't think we'll get outside much, but dryer and cooler days are on the way, and I really would like to take advantage. I hope my feet are better. They seem to be. And I just emailed an inquiry about how to use the gym we theoretically signed up for, so hopefully that will be an option soon.

Focus going forward: real food. less sugar. more water. fewer nuts.

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