Thursday, September 10, 2015


I'd start with sleep, but I had so little last night that I'm not sure it qualifies. Well, that's not strictly true, but I'm quite tired. Dog-tired would be the appropriate term, since it's their fault. I slept about 3 hours pinioned between 2 of them in a very bad posture, and had to switch sides of the bed once I got free. Took aspirin on an empty stomach at 5:50 am because my back and legs hurt so bad.

Anyway. 160.0 again this morning. I did more painting last night, and imagine it has something to do with that. Also the fact that "dinner" consisted of cheese, milk chocolate, almonds, and cashews. Not exactly a fast.

Here's yesterday:
  • tea with cream
  • the usual supplements
  • scrambled eggs
  • bacon
  • a sausage patty
  • hot dogs (2-1/2) with mustard
  • a few potato chips - more than a single handful
  • cheese
  • 2 milk chocolates with almond bits
  • cashews
Was that it? I think so. I did manage more water yesterday, for what that's worth - 2 additional bottles of Perrier. Some exercise last night - climbing up and down a stepladder while painting the back hallway and part of the kitchen. I tried something new this time - cutting in a wall at a time, so the rolling was into wet paint. It seemed to work better; the cut-in areas didn't seem quite so contrasty. Also, once I got through an area, it was complete, so I have a completely painted hallway and 2 walls painted in the kitchen. But I have a challenge ahead. The doorways to the pantry and dining room are on two walls that meet in a corner, and the doorframes have less than 1/2" opening between them, behind which, one can glimpse wall color. Not entirely sure how to get that painted without dismantling the door frames. It may be that I just make the necessary mess and wipe the frames down after.

So that's the plan for tonight. More painting. Woohoo - actually, it will be if I can get it completed tonight. I may sneak down at points during the day to do prep - removing pictures and wallplates and things of that sort, moving the fridge - so I can go at it full throttle once I've got the dogs fed.

Not sure what I'm doing for food today. I'm still thinking fat fast, but I need something to eat pretty soon, because I'm actually hungry. Maybe cream cheese.

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